Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First post: About me and about my blog

I'm a 22-going-on-23 recent graduate with a BA in psychology.  This blog doesn't have much to do with that though.  It's first and foremost a fashion blog.  I work full time, and this is about what I like to wear on my days off :)  And since I suck at writing journal entries, my words will be supplemented with a lot of pictures.

I've been interested in and inspired by Japanese street fashion for years.  I've worn lolita pretty regularly for the past 3.  Recently though, my tastes have been changing to a fashion style that, while still feminine, is less frilly and ornate.  The name "No Petticoat Needed" is an extension of that sentiment.  Because frankly, I am tired of all the poof and want to ditch my lolita petticoats.  I might keep the bloomers though. 

Brands I'm going to focus on (both wearing and blogging about) are Emily Temple Cute, Innocent World, Jane Marple, and Milk.  These are a bit harder to come by (with the exception of IW) than lolita brands, so I expect to be writing quite a few reviews of shopping services and online secondhand stores.  I also plan on making some of my own clothing so that I don't have to rely on shirring, lacing, and waist ties for a perfect fit. 

Here's a list of some of the things I intend to post here:
-outfit snaps
-reviews of online stores (brand, indie, and secondhand)
-diy sewing and crafting projects
-possibly tutorials
-photoshoot pictures
-re-posting coord ideas from store blogs
-artwork, including my own
-anything else that strikes my fancy
I will provide credit for anything I post that's not mine, of course.

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