Saturday, August 22, 2015

Holy crap ~ This blog will be active again after two and a half years ヾ(´▽`*)ノ☆

Hello again!

It's been so long, I wasn't sure if there'd still be interest in my blog.  I was shocked to find I'm still getting a few pageviews, haha!  The direction of this blog will be changing since my style has changed a lot in the time that I've been gone, so my fashion blogging content will be in tune with my new aesthetic.  I'm much more interested in longer cuts, muted or dark colors, and attention to construction details and trims rather than prints, and lots of layering.  Expect to see a lot more natural kei and mori girl!

I'll start off with a quick summary of what I've been doing:

I started classes at FIDM this July, with the plan of graduating in one year with a degree in Product Development.  Going back to school has honestly been a really life-changing, throw-caution-to-the-wind move for me because I'm studying a completely different subject for a career field that I have no experience with, but which I believe I have an aptitude for.  I'm taking six months off from working (apart from running the online store Miss Harajuku), so my budget will be very limited, but I'm determined to make do with what I have.  I'm selling off most of my lolita fashion wardrobe and putting a bit of that money toward the styles I'm interested in now.

New blog content: Natural kei

I've been delving into this style for the past several months.  It's very charming, and I wish there were more folks in the western j-fashion community into it!  There doesn't seem to be much information about it unfortunately (at least, in English).  The common things I've seen written about it is that it's a predecessor to lolita fashion that began in the 70's, that it's a prairie girl look, or that it's meant to look like a girl who lives in a fairytale village.  The last one is a bit iffy, but it certainly seems to have grown out of the romantic revival movement.  If you're interested in the evolution of lolita fashion from natural kei and otome, F Yeah Lolita has a great entry on it!  The style, to me, is not so much bohemian or victorian as it is shabby chic, which may be an odd phrase for it, but I think it really describes the overall feel pretty well.  It's a very relaxed and comfortable style, but the details are quite intricate and outfits are meticulously layered.  Any given outfit will have an abundance of pintucks, tiny ruffles, crochet work, embroidery, or lace.  The Pink House Catalog has some good examples of how their pieces can be coordinated.  It's expensive to buy direct from the brands, but fortunately for me, secondhand auctions aren't!  

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  1. Otome is one of my fav styles. And Natural kei is one I am really interest to leran more ~*