Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's been a while, but I've got new stuff!

I have been super busy lately since I'm covering a lot of shifts at work.  This is my first day off in two weeks.  The upside to that, though, is that I have some extra spending money.

I was lucky enough to get the Royal Chocolate skirt I wanted when AP USA put it up for sale online <3  The pink socks were the only ones left, but they seem to match well enough, so I ordered those too.  I just went into the store today to pick them up. 

The details really make this piece, between the buttons, the "dripping" scallops, and the pleats that look like candy bars.   I can feel a little bit smug knowing this probably won't be replicated because it's textured rather than printed.

I also stopped by Baby the Stars Shine Bright to check out their summer sale.  A lot of things are 30-50% off.  I ended up getting a gorgeous pearl and crown necklace and an adorable parasol pin.  They will definitely be part of my coord for the fashion contest at the J-Pop Summit next weekend.

Here are my outfits from the past two days.  They're not lolita or otome, but they're cute, so close enough.

 The pants were a lucky find at H&M, the cardigan is Forever21, the shoes and purse are Angelic Pretty, and the t-shirt was from a BtSSB lucky pack long ago.  It's kind of hard to see the bracelet, but that's 6% Dokidoki.  I felt ridiculously cutesy since I'm not used to wearing all pastels.

I went goth today with h.Naoto (the t-shirt) and Black Peace Now (the skirt and sweater).  The tights are a brand called Look From London.  I want to order more, but they're $30 :/