Monday, February 11, 2013

Chocolate-themed for Valentine's Day

My boyfriend and I went out on our Valentine's Day date early, since Monday was my only day off this week.  We had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory 

I wore an outfit that mixed AP's Royal Chocolate and Polka Dot Chocolate series.  I've been dying to wear it since I missed their last two tea parties.  The otk socks from those series would have been great with it, but for some reason socks with this skirt made my legs look kind of stumpy, so I went with tights instead.

I would absolutely love to coordinate with the Royal Chocolate sweater and ETC chocolate tights (which I will probably never find for sale unless they're re-released).

The chocolate tights from Celeste Stein might work too, if not with this outfit, then with my Regimental Latte salopette.  I wish the stock image showed the actual tights, not just a small portion of the pattern.

Here's one more sweets-themed coord I wore recently: