Monday, February 11, 2013

Chocolate-themed for Valentine's Day

My boyfriend and I went out on our Valentine's Day date early, since Monday was my only day off this week.  We had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory 

I wore an outfit that mixed AP's Royal Chocolate and Polka Dot Chocolate series.  I've been dying to wear it since I missed their last two tea parties.  The otk socks from those series would have been great with it, but for some reason socks with this skirt made my legs look kind of stumpy, so I went with tights instead.

I would absolutely love to coordinate with the Royal Chocolate sweater and ETC chocolate tights (which I will probably never find for sale unless they're re-released).

The chocolate tights from Celeste Stein might work too, if not with this outfit, then with my Regimental Latte salopette.  I wish the stock image showed the actual tights, not just a small portion of the pattern.

Here's one more sweets-themed coord I wore recently:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stuff I want but can't buy just yet

I spent a lot of money building up my work wardrobe for Baby/AatP (especially on that Gloria OP), so I'm holding off buying more clothes for a month or two.  I would love to do more reviews of online shops or shopping services when I have some extra spending money again.  Here are a few things that are kinda sorta on my wishlist:

Jane Marple collaborated with Disney to make some adorable Snow White items.  The best one, imo, is the OP, but I probably couldn't justify spending $458 + shipping on it.  But I still want it ;_;  The skirts cost less, but aren't as interesting.  They also have a cutsew that's cute, but again it's a steep price at $159.  I can appreciate that the brand uses nice materials and has tends to have better construction than lolita brand items, but I still always buy it secondhand and just lust after the items on the webshop. 

MILK has a rather unique print out called "My Undy Camisole".  Yep, it has underwear on it, and cats, for some reason.  They're all hanging from a clothesline.  I don't get it, but I like it anyway.

I also kind of want this.  My new iPhone definitely needs to be more kawaii.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wardrobe post and an explanation of my hiatus

I know I don't have too many followers on here, but I still feel like I owe an explanation for my absence.  I was way in over my head with work.  I got a second job and ended up working every day of the week for two months!  I just didn't feel I had the extra time and energy to keep this blog going. 

The good news, though, is that I can wear lolita/otome at my second job because I am now working at Baby the Stars Shine Bright!!!  It's a dream come true, I know :)

Here's the only outfit shot I've taken in a long time.  It's what I wore to work yesterday, the beautiful Gloria OP from Alice and the Pirates.
I somehow managed to make a wardrobe post for EGL this month.  I just took a few pictures at a time in the mornings before work and edited them when I got home. The full post is here:  Here are some of the pictures more relevant to this blog:
 AP Sugary Carnival Parka and Metamorphose pants.  I love AP's printed parkas ♥
This is what I'm going to wear on Valentine's Day since it's all chocolate themed.  It's the Royal Chocolate skirt and the Polka Dot Chocolate hooded t-shirt.
Country of Sweets was my first print, and I still adore it.  The knit I paired with it is also AP.
 Emily Temple Cute!  The pink/red skirt has jars shaped like bears on it.
Here's an outfit I've posted before - the ETC umbrella print skirt with a BtSSB blouse.
The last skirt is ETC's "wardrobe print" paired with a cutsew with printed roses.
 The pink skirt and salopette were both from Baby's online winter sale.  It's nice that the brand puts out casual items too, not just lolita.  Also, can you tell I like cutsews?  The cutsew I paired with the salopette is handmade from a GLB pattern.  I don't really want to try that again.
 MILK "hearts and roses dress" with a JM cutsew.  The dress is adorable up close.  It's a flocky print on wool!  I just sold my Sugary Pansy dress in the middle.  It's adorable, but kind of ended up looking like a tent on me.  I've posted the outfit on the right before - it's ETC's picnic print and a blouse from Modcloth.
 All these skirts are from ETC (the one on the left is technically Shirley Temple 160).  They're all casual looks I would wear out any time.
 JM dress and belt.  The dress fits fine, but the belt is too big, so I might try to sell it.  The outfit in the middle is Peace Now.  I really need to get around to wearing it some time!  The pants are from Heart E.
 ETC's "tea time" print is still a favorite of mine :)  The dress is the middle is handmade.  The one of the right is MILK's tulle flower dress and it's adorably retro.
 My two Innocent World a-line jumperskirts along with my new Gloria OP ♥
 Here's another JM dress with music note embroidery.  The JM tapestry skirt in the middle is paired with a tanktop from h.Naoto GRAMM (my favorite line from that brand).  Then there's ETC's tweed "rabbit school" skirt.  The print is hard to see, but it does have a rabbit with a book on it.
 Here are all my long skirts.  Left to right: Jane Marple, Metamorphose, Black Peace Now, and h.Naoto GRAMM.

And lastly, here are two of my coats.  The pink one is from MILK and the teddy bear coat is from Metamorphose.  The skirt it's with is ETC.  I have no idea what the print is called, but it has crowns and cursive writing.  The dress is a corset dress from Excentrique.  It's probably the only Japanese brand dress that fits me perfectly.