Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I just ordered some tights (because knees are ugly).  They're definitely more flattering on me than any kind of socks, and they're great for shorter skirts.

 Here's my order from We Love Colors, excluding the diamond tights.  The patterned ones are one-size-fits-all.  I'm 5'8" and they're just barely long enough on me.  In the past I've cause runs and snags by yanking my tights when trying to stretch them vertically, so I'll just have to be careful with these.  They seem pretty sturdy though.  The mint and lavender tights are "tall size" so hopefully they'll fit better.  I haven't worn those yet.

I got tired of asking my boyfriend to take pictures, so here are some mirror shots.  I like that the patterns on the tights are subtle, but now I'm thinking they just look too subtle at a distance. 

I also got these from Happy Socks (only because they were 70% off though):

There need to be more tights with diagonal stripes.  It seems like they're in a lot of Emily Temple Cute ads, but they're actually really hard to find. 

And now for some more stuff I want but can't justify buying at retail price:

Jane Marple jewelry

 MILK Fantasy Mermaid OP and accessories
 Five strap sandals
 Vintage Stamp skirt

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