Sunday, July 15, 2012

A trip to the brand stores

I went to Angelic Pretty today to pick up my online purchase and ticket for their Royal Chocolate Party!

They're having a 20-30% off sale right now.  Fortunately nothing really struck my fancy, so my wallet was safe for the time being.   I'm hoping they'll the new Royal Chocolate series in before the party.  I have a purse from the original series and the chocolate bar texture is totally amazing. The dress or skirt (most likely skirt though) is a big item on my wishlist.

Anyway, this is what I bought to get the ticket:

....and the scarf and scrunchies are what I bought at Daiso later.

Of course I had to stop by Baby the Stars Shine Bright to see what new stock they got in.  I'm pretty much a window shopping addict ;_;  I saw a cutsew dress that I really liked.  Here's a picture from one of the Japanese BtSSB store's blogs:

I already have a star-themed dress in my wardrobe (BtSSB's Milky Way jsk), so buying this would be redundant.  I am thinking about selling it and buying this, but I don't know.  I feel bad cycling through my wardrobe so much, just selling to make room for something else.  I'm hoping to get to a point someday where I'll have a perfect wardrobe and won't want to sell anything because everything will suit me perfectly :)

One last thing - this is what I wore on my outing today:
The coat is Metamorphose and the skirt is Emily Temple Cute.  I'm glad my hair has finally gotten long enough to where I can braid it because braids seem to be a great look for otome kei.

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