Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Umbrella skirt outfit and two recent sewing projects

As promised, here is a simple coord with the lovely Emily Temple Cute umbrella print skirt.  The blouse is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, but it works surprisingly well with ETC.  The shoes are American Eagle from Payless and the headband is Claires.

I wore my handmade sailor cutsew for the first time on Sunday.  My mom helped me modify a pattern from one of the old Gothic Lolita Bible issues (like, one from last summer, I think).  I believe it's the same as the Rose Lace Sailor cutsew on the Innocent World website: http://innocent-w.jp/shopping/112806/index_e.html  Mine is longer and made for a smaller waist.  It just so happens to match perfectly with this Innocent World jsk :)

Now that I'm not really into lolita anymore, I don't feel obligated to wear socks when it's really hot out.  I could probably do with more tights though.

My other handmade project was a simple empire-waist dress.  I mostly just wanted to showcase this amazing fabric.  I still have some left over.  It's enough to make a skirt, or a handbag.  I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet.
I haven't worn it out yet except for a mini-photoshoot that I haven't gotten pictures back from yet.  I'll have to post again when I do.


  1. helloo! cute outfit with the umbrella print~ i reently sold the OP in this, but i'm looking out for the SK. the print is just adorable and you look lovely in it <3

  2. I love everything! I really like the top choices in every look!